Friday, September 25, 2009

Beneath Ceaseless Podcasts

Thanks to some livejournal friends, I've discovered an excellent new podcast, online magazine, and fiction market, all in one neat package labeled Beneath Ceaseless Skies. The magazine specializes in "alternate world fantasy," stories that explicate some fantastic setting alongside character description and plot. So far, I've listened to a story about the mysterious origin of mysterious gems, a revenge-seeking pseudo-European fantasy man in pseudo-Africa, and a neat and scary story about shapeshifters and magic locks. I've liked some of them more than others - the shapeshifters and magic locks were the best and I didn't really like the Afrofantasy - but they have all been worth it. I've enjoyed the podcast and hope to enjoy the magazine when I have some time.

And hopefully so will you.


Nick Pilon said...

Huh. Well, something's done a number on those Ceaseless Skies. Maybe your blog is a lot more popular than I thought? ;)

Anonymous said...

I doubt it was me. Their website was acting funny when I wrote the post. I hope they get it fixed - I'll be sad if they disappear right after I started listening to them!