Saturday, March 20, 2010

Room For One More

Russ Bailey, Livejournal's Emprint, RPGnet's Baileywolf, and White Wolf developer extraordinaire has just started Fantasy Heartbreaker: Games For People Who Care Too Much. The blog will bounce around gaming topics. We can expect house rules for D&D one day, tales from the heady days of Vampire: the Masquerade on another, and snippets of Bailey's own design projects on a third. In a few of the small posts already up, Bailey has opined on such varied topics as TSR's code of ethics, the nature of a core class, and why despite the push for streamlined games and perfect systems, the most "broken" games are the ones that have brought in the most new players over the years, among others.

So give Fantasy Heartbreaker a look, a read, and maybe a follow. I will.

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