Friday, April 1, 2011

Arise and Go Get McDonalds

I the comments to this failed creative prompt post, one of my new readers requested something related to the content of earlier editions of D&D. While I'm still failing to think of anything related to 3.5e and earlier D&D, here's something spinning of the D&D franchise as a whole:

Tell me about resurrection.

The rules are (or at least seem to be) exactly the same as D&D. For the right price, a sufficiently powerful spellcaster (and there is no shortage of those) can bring the dead back to life. The dead person must agree to be brought back, which means that good people who lived full lives and have gone on to whatever reward awaits them are usually fine with staying dead, bad people are eager to escape, and heroes usually come back, but might take death as an excuse to retire from the whole painful, messy business. Being brought back to life costs you something, but it's something you can regain with time and rest.

I want to hear about the deeper consequences of this idea. What kinds of cultural and artistic quirks would develop, given this "technology?" Basically, I want to hear what you come up with when you attack the idea of fantasy resurrection with the rigor usually reserved for science fiction. Bonus points for truly original ideas. You get docked points for falling back on tired old standbies, though if the idea has legs it'll still walk.



netherwerks said...

Interesting prompt. I'll be back with something for you later. I need to go take a nap, still recovering after surgery. But I will be back--promise.

Scattercat said...

A bit like this, I think.

netherwerks said...

Okay, here are a few things that we've done in terms of resurrection at Riskail: Helical Cathedraes, Noobs, a little more obliquely: Penitent Gods, and tabgentially: Spherai. We have some things that deal more directly with the subject of resurrection in Riskail planned and in process.

I'll see if I can't offer you something more by Monday. Thanks for the prompt.