Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Burning Into Showbiz II

Remember a ways back when I posted to let you know that Escape Pod's Union Dues series (by Jeffrey DeRego) was being considered for translation to television? Escape Pod put out the call for fans of Union Dues, television, and superheroes to send in letters about why super hero shows generally failed and how to make one that succeeded. I never got response to my letter, though I assume that it was read (after all, I rarely get comments on these posts and I assume that they get read and you exist, perhaps even in plural).

Anyway, the important thing is that the process has moved forward somewhat. Union Dues has a new and spiffier website. The website isn't finished yet, and no products are available, but it looks like the marketing machine will soon be underway.

It's exciting to be living at a time when a series of short stories, released for free on a podcast, will be making their way to actual television. All hail the new media!

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