Saturday, June 2, 2012

Burning Contest Experience

So, it's started to bug me that I have no idea how popular this blog actually is. I mean, I know the Abigail reads it, even though she doesn't like Drabbles much. I know that Kindli reads it, because she comments. According to Blogger, I have 14 followers - according to Blogger's Google-tracking features, I have probably about 20 more.

But I'd like to know.

More importantly, I'd like to foster more of a sense of community and conversation at this blog. This is the Internet, after all. I don't want to shout into the ether - I want you to shout back!

In order to achieve this, I have an idea. A contest! Unfortunately, I can't offer you fabulous prizes - because unlike the miniatures wargaming blogs I'm stealing this from, I don't have any - but I can offer you a one to two hundred word story, written to your specifications.

What do you need to do to win? You need to comment on this post, and... recommend this blog to one friend. The first will be apparent here, and for the second I'll take you at your word. After a suitable period of time - I'm thinking a week - I'll randomly select a winner and get your specifications. Then I'll provide the story.

This should be fun... or at the very least, educational.


Heidi said...

Well, I posted a link on my Facebook page:

And I get your rss feed in my Google Reader, so I never miss a post! :-D

I'm a big fan of speculative fiction, no matter what the form, but blogs with drabbles and other short stories make it easy to get my fix on a daily basis.

kindli said...

Something FABULOUS! I will settle for nothing less.

Perhaps an autographed photo of the Lizard & His Human.

Abby said...

Posted it on Facebook! But I don't have to win anything, since you'd probably write me a drabble if I asked, anyway. :)

--The Abigail

Scattercat said...

It's on the blogroll at Mirrorshards. Surely that counts for something?

Scattercat said...
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Nick Pilon said...

I read this! And I tweeted it:

Becca said...

Sure, I'll play ^^ Oh, and I posted this on my Twitter :P

Abigail Hilton said...

Heya, I read. :) I like your essays. I actually included your review on the listing for the Cowry Catchers complete series on Amazon. You've been on my blogroll at the CC website for a long time.

I kinda wish you'd write a novel instead of drabbles.

Unknown said...

I'm here and I'm enjoying myself. I have no idea how I got here, though. I think I saw the blog at Porky's and I liked the name, so I checked it out and liked what I saw.

Felix Stendahl said...

You have created a unique and thrilling contest, Mark. As what you have mentioned, the participants of this contest may not be able to receive a fabulous prize, but receiving a reward in the form of a two hundred word story from an enthusiastic writer like you will be greatly appreciated by the lucky winner. A literary masterpiece is priceless! This kind of contest can surely encourage friendship between the blog owner and readers.