Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Retractions and Reconsiderations

In my last post I bitched and moaned about The Moth and why I'm giving up on their podcast. Basically, it was this: for a podcast that claims to be about stories - and anyone can tell a story - most of their story-tellers are the famous, soon-to-be-famous, or wanna-be-famous, all with something to sell, and by contrast, few of their stories are from anyone else. It rubs me the wrong way and is starting to annoy me.

In conversation with the Abigail last night, however, something was made clearer to me: what I'm listening to is the podcast, not the entirety of The Moth. And, for that matter, the podcast is made with promoting the podcast in mind. Maybe The Moth thinks that most people are more interested in hearing the stories of media figures with things to sell. Maybe they're not even wrong. As for what actually goes on at a Moth show... I have no idea. I've never been.

So, I retract everything I said about The Moth itself being a sinisterly elitist organization. All I know is the Podcast. And while the Podcast has started to bore and annoy me a bit, there's only the flimsiest reason to expect that The actual Moth would do the same.

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kindli said...

clearly the podcast is a sinister elitist organization & the rest of it is OK.