Thursday, October 2, 2008

Talk About Blogfade

To be totally fair to myself, I had writerfade, too. Not an awful lot went on between then and now.

And I'm also not entirely sure I have readers to care about such things (actually, I'm quite sure I don't), so no harm no foul, right?

Anyway, things have been looking up:

  1. This no longer the blog of an unpublished writer - this is the blog of a freelance writer. I have recently completed my first freelance rpg contract and am beginning work on my second. The first is with White Wolf. I can say no more for the time being, though I will when I can. The second contract is with a company called Greymalkin Designs, for their new game Desolation.
  2. I have rediscovered my writing kink. Perhaps I will write more about writing kinks later, but let's leave it at this for now: I write my best when I am away from home, using a pencil and a notebook. I don't know if it's the lack of distractions (ie. the Internet, my extensive book collection, and my girlfriend), the feel of the pencil scraping across the paper, or the sense-memory I built up from years of writing in lunch rooms and at my desk during math class. Ever since I started writing by hand, and more importantly, continuing the story by hand rather than transferring the process to a computer as soon as possible, I have been writing a lot.
  3. Speaking of writing a lot, I have been writing a lot. In the 3k words per day range. It's exciting. In part, I have my new mania for hand-writing to thank for that. In part, I also have my new job and my hour and a half train commute to thank.
  4. And I have a new job, a real job. Huzzah.
Thus begins a new commitment: I hereby promise to write at least 1k words per day. It doesn't matter what those thousand words are, as long as they are not A) for work or B) for this blog. I can write a thousand words of the new novel I'm working on, write a thousand new words into A Knight of the Land, write a thousand words of a new short story, or write a thousand words of material for a game I'm running. If I write a thousand words, I win.

And if I don't, I admit it here on this blog.

Part of this lesson comes from the inestimable Mur Lafferty, creator of I Should Be Writing, a great podcast by a writer, for writers. Expect to see ISBW added to my blogroll presently.

Now, all I need are some readers, so I'm not talking to myself, and I'll be golden.

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