Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Look! A Distraction!

Two of my livejournal friends are using their journals as a media for writing. I think both of them are talented and fun to read, so I am directing you to check them out. Livejournals don't come with RSS feeds, so you won't see these folks in my blogroll. This is your one and only chance to leap from the Burning Zeppelin into the welcoming arms of Merovingian or Scattercat. Just come back, y'hear!

The first journal, Merovingian, is exclusively used for surreal microfiction. Merovingian writes about robots, lizards, sandwiches, and dog diseases that cause them to transform into cats. I find his style to clear and playful, and I recommend you check him out.

Then, you should check out Scattercat, who is doing something similar. Only, Scattercat is writing stories that are always exactly 100 words long. Scattercat is, likewise, a fun, clever, and clear writer. Scattercat's stories tend to make more sense. His stories are always stories, with discernable characters, a beginning, a middle, and an end, whereas Merovingian's stories sometimes only imply those things without actually containing them. Be warned, however, that Scattercat also uses his livejournal as, well a livejournal. You may sometimes be subjected to posts about his everyday life. You have been warned.

Finally, while I'm at it, you should check out Ommatidia, the blog of Brendan Adkins, and the source of Scattercat's inspiration to undertake this one 100 word story a day discipline in the first place. Now, I've read a lot of Merovingian and Scattercat's writing, so I can heartily recommend them. Ommatidia I didn't know about before yesterday and I haven't read it yet, so if it sucks you can't blame me. However, if you presently see it appear on my blogroll you'll know I have read it and found it pleasing.

Finally, while we're on the topic of livejournals, if you're interested in hearing about my personal life for some reason, you can check me out at Electric Paladin.

Now, go forth and read!


Scattercat said...

Wow. I've got a plug on another blog. I think that's the first time anyone anywhere has linked to anything of mine. Outside of, like, a forum in which a link to my post is contained in the reply.

That's kinda cool...

Anonymous said...

Welcome to half-assed internet fame. If I ever get really big, then watch out.