Wednesday, May 6, 2009



Fantasy Magazine is hosting a contest: write a ten sentence (or shorter) story based on an image prompt of your choice. Fantasy Magazine must be able to post the image alongside the story if you win, whether it's because the image is Creative Commons, your own creation, or because you bought the rights from the artist. The work of the three winners will be published in Fantasy Magazine. Fans will then vote to determine which of the three is the super-winner. What the super-winner wins (beyond bragging rights) is not yet clear.

In addition to letting you all know about this because I want each and every one of you (whoever you are) to enter this contest, I have a question. You see, I am going to enter this contest, but I don't know where I can find inspirational pictures.

Does anyone know where in the web I can find some good Creative Commons artwork?

This game is on.


Anonymous said...

Um, flickr?

C Hanson said...

Try deviantArt, it's got good categories and search engine, too. (And of course you're welcome to any of my pics, though there's not much fantasy there: )