Thursday, August 20, 2009

Johnny Jordan <3<3

Found in the bathroom at the cafe where I do my lesson planning, written on the wall in black permanent marker:

"Your soul was made for eating," said Johnny Jordan at midnight. He'd lasted a long time without eating souls and he was very happy about himself. He was also stupid. Very, very stupid.

Johnny Jordan <3<3

I wish I had a digital camera so I could capture for you the true strangeness of this moment, but you will have to make do with my meagre efforts at reproduction.

Who is Johnny Jordan? The closest I could come was an English former professional soccer player named Johnny William Jordan, and I can't imagine that's who our enigmatic graffiti artist was talking about. English soccer players don't eat souls, right?


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Scattercat said...

I am reminded of the meme I saw once in a highway rest area (and which I have dedicated myself to spreading whenever I am in a similar situation.)

It read: "Don't slip. The Black Ninja is watching you."

I found it delightfully odd.