Friday, February 12, 2010

Histoires de Fantôme pour des Fantômes

I would like to direct your collective attention to The Spirit of Nationalism by Mike Bennett, a wonderfully classic ghost story currently up on everyone's favorite horror podast, Pseudopod. The Spirit of Nationalism is great. It hits all the high points of a ghost story, but it's too brilliantly written, too perfectly paced to be predictable. That is, the tale is what it is - a ghost story - and the strength lies in how it's done, not in what's done, so that it doesn't matter if you know what's coming. You'll be too busy enjoying each perfectly disconcerting word to care.

I'm also really impressed with the latest Podcastle, but I really want to actually write about that one, so I'm going to refrain from saying more until I'm less exhausted and more inspired.

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