Saturday, June 26, 2010

Robots, Sex, and Rock n' Roll

This tidbit comes to me from a neat blog that I follow, The Githyanki Diaspora, an exploration of gaming and fantasy that parallels my own. The author is Judd (the librarian), once one of the terrifying trio called the Sons of Kryos (now, alas, defunct).

Anyway, it's a music video, and it's also science fiction. I'd say it fails to establish a Burning Zeppelin Experience, mostly because narrative-wise, it's all style and no substance. That said, it illustrates a fascinating little world. I wish there were more to it.


Well, the question is, what would you have done to add more narrative - more burn - to this bit of fic? And does it really need more narrative after all, or is it something beautiful and compelling just the way it is?

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Nick Pilon said...

Janelle Monae is awesome. If you haven't seen it already, check out her video for Tightrope.

That particular video - if you check wikipedia - is actually part of a larger narrative that spans several albums.