Sunday, August 15, 2010

Burning Matrimony Experience

As of this moment - this very instant 4:00 PM on August 15th - my wedding is starting. That's right, soon the Abigail will be Mrs. The Abigail (you can expect me to use this from time to time, like a dork). The Abigail and I are going to stand under the chuppah and promise to always play with each other, to always support each other in the things we do out in the world, and to never imagine that we know each other fully, so that we are always open to each others' endless mystery.

Heavy stuff, I know.

We've been living together for a long time (five years!) and dating for about a year longer than that. In a sense, nothing is going to change. Life will go on, much the same, only with prettier rings.

And also, everything is going to change.

The biggest thing is, I just can't believe my luck. I get to marry a hot gamer chick! Me! And she'll sleep in my bed every night and let me run her Exalted (among other things).

Today is the day. Now is the moment. Wish me luck.

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Abbie said...

That's awesome, Mark! Best wishes to you both! It was too bad I didn't get to say hi in person when I was out there. Some other time.

I hope you and The Abigail had a perfect day! :D