Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Transition is Complete

I have (finally) figured out how to change the ownership of this blog, such that I, Mark L.S. Stone is its owner and operator, as opposed to my former identity, Mark Simmons. At last, I can post without logging in and out. Also, your comments will now be emailed to my new email address - you guys are going to comment lots, right?


Ahem. Anyway.

One of the things done by my podcasting idol (as in idol who podcasts, not idol in podcasting, because in case you haven't noticed this is definitely not a podcast) Mur Lafferty of I Should Be Writing fame is the self-critical update. It's been a while since I've told me adoring fan(s) where I'm at, so here we go.

Thus far, this has been a very good year for writing - and by "year" I mean "school year." I've actually managed to revise one story to the point that I'm ready to send it out, write another - one I'm really proud of - from scratch, earn two rejection letters, and actually get a story published in an awesome podcast magazine. I hope to see more of the same, but that's not actually the best news I've got to report.

The best news is that the Abigail and I have talked, and we have decided that we can afford for me to write full time in the summers, as opposed to teaching summer school to make ends meet. This year might be a sad exception, but that is a shape to my life that I could definitely enjoy. It also means that I may soon be facing the challenges of full time professional writing for months at a time; I'll be sure to blog all about it.

Now, on to the less good news.

Personally, I'm in a bit of a deep blue funk right now. Ah, screw it - I'm full on depressed. My life and lifestyle aren't in danger, but it's definitely put me off my game, in teaching, writing, and relationship (sorry, Abby!). I haven't written anything worth the electrons since the end of January.

Ah, well, the funk will pass. In the meantime, I'm throwing myself into this particular wall as often as possible. I may not achieve much of anything until the funk is over, but at least I'll be writing.

This brings me to my last point, my newest mad idea. Partly inspired by my own desire to climb out of my funk, partly inspired by the Abigail's fascination with 365 Blog phenomenon, and partly inspired by Matthew McFarland's brilliant Mage: the Awakening supplement Key to the Supernal Tarot (and my own long-standing fascination with Tarot), I am taking on a challenge, to last from now until my funk ends. Every week, I will post something inspired by the Major Arcana of the Tarot. In order, from the Fool to the World. I don't know if they're going to be roleplaying ideas or written content, short stories or character or location sketches. All I know is that they're going be based on the Tarot and they're going to come out once a week.

Wish me luck.

Until next time, if you can't bring on the funk, at least bring on the zeppelin.

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