Monday, April 30, 2012


The Abigail and I went for a hike yesterday and got lost. This didn't happen, but there was a point where it wouldn't have surprised me. Not at all.

I almost went with dinosaurs, but at the last second, I changed my mind.

By Mark L. S. Stone

“I think we’re lost,” Anne said.

Matt didn’t even look up from his map. “No, that’s ridiculous. See here? We’re at the juncture of Old Railroad Trail and India Grade Road. If we continue along this path we’ll get to North Peak Trail, and from there we can-”

Anne threw herself off the path, grabbing Matt about the shoulders and dragging him down with her into the underbrush. They both watched in amazement as five horses shot down the narrow trail. The riders were tall and elegant, archaically dressed, with flowing hair and pointed ears.

“Ok,” Matt admitted. “We’re lost.”


Kindli said...

I was hoping they'd get picked up by ring wraiths, maybe next week.

Mark said...

Maybe. Maybe.