Monday, April 30, 2012

Neither Snow Nor Rain

As promised, dinosaurs. This story is basically dumb, but damnit it, I like it.

Neither Snow Nor Rain…
By Mark L. S. Stone

The land before him dropped away rapidly, spreading into an overgrown plain. Jack sighed, thinking about the miles he had yet to go.

Blossom nuzzled Jack’s shoulder, bright feathers tickling his ear. Jack laughed and scratched the huge lizard behind her tympanic membranes. Looking past her head, Jack saw the satchel still clipped to her saddle, and what was embroidered on it:

"Jack McKinley, Colonial Utahraptor Express"

Jack sighed, laid a kiss on Blossom’s nose, and moved to mount up.

“Come on, Blossom,” Jack said. “Let’s deliver the damned mail.”


Unknown said...

Nothing like a good scratch behind the tympanic membranes to motivate your dino.

Mark said...

That's what I always say.