Friday, April 17, 2009

A Public Service Announcement

I seem to have developed some new readers lately, which is absolutely grand. Therefore, I feel it's imperative that I let you know about my Twitter account. I use Tiwtter for how-was-my-sandwich microblogging, spontaneous poetry (usually haikus) about what's happening in my life and in response to the tweets of my followees, and once, Star Trek inspired microblog-based roleplaying.

I'm really proud of the last one.

More to the point, I announce each day's Burning Zeppelin post on Twitter, which is what's so terribly relevant about it. My Twitter handle is ElectricPaladin. If you follow me, I'll almost certainly follow you back. If I don't, just send me a Direct Message affirming that you are not, in fact an evil robot (the Abigail and I have a history with the evil robots) and I will.

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