Thursday, January 28, 2010

Idle Musings

For newcomers (do I have any newcomers? I'd really like to have newcomers): once in a while I'll toss an idea into the tubes, just to see what sticks. Sometimes the ideas are sticky... and sometimes they just need to be hit by a stick.

A question that occurred to me on the way home from school: what would the story implications be of a science fiction in which the obligatory force field technology had two main flaws: firstly, the force field has to be a sphere, and secondly, the object that produces the force field needs to be outside the area of effect? Other than the obvious - some really interesting design choices for warships - what else would be true? What style or feel of space combat would these limitations produce? What else is not occurring to me?

Post if you've got 'em.


setrain said...

If you put your generators in the area between a regular tetrahedron of spherical shields tangent to each other, they will still be safe from all directions. Either that's a flaw in your changes or the shape of your spaceships. :)

none. said...

Clearly you don't watch enough Star Trek, their forcefields are *not* limited to spheres, at least not that I can tell.

Unknown said...

Planetary defense would be interesting. Because the shield could be generated by a number of orbiting devices that are evoking the sheild. attacking a planet would mean trying to kill all the orbiting doodads before they fight off your invasion.

Scattercat said...

So you couldn't just have two generators, each one projecting a shield around the other? Spaceships basically just being giant glowy gonads hurtling all around the universe?