Thursday, January 7, 2010

Retractions and Incriminations

The good news, I can now update my blog from school. It wasn't working before, but it is now. This means that I'm now a lot more likely to blog, since banging out a quick Burning Zeppelin post is a great way to pass a lunch break or prep period when I'm feeling solitary.

The bad news... well, read on.

The writer of the Buffy: the Vampire Slayer critique I referenced in my last post commented to let me know of my (apparently several) inaccurate statements, including...

  • The article in question wasn't actually written by the guy I thought it was. Rather, it's an edited compilation of comments from a message board he was a part of.
  • My attempt at describing the dude was completely off, check out his website for more accurate information.
  • People who dislike the Yellow Crayon Speech aren't evil, just misguided... actually, that was meant to be a joke. As I've said before, I am dedicated to the idea that everyone deserves to be heard without being demonized. In retrospect, I possibly came on a little strong there.

I'm sorry for sending you all off in the wrong direction. All I can do is own my mistakes and redirect you to more accurate information.

Hopefully we can all expect more from the Burning Zeppelin's update schedule in the immediate future. Bye 'till next time.

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