Saturday, December 27, 2008

Black Hats Against White Hats, Me Versus You... Christmas!

Ok, I lied. Here is a makeup post for yesterday. It'll be a brief post, because I'm still ill, and thanks to a series of unusual events the Abigail and I - with Jon's help - are hosting a late Christmas for Abigail's family - three Jews preparing Christmas dinner for a total of six jews and three agnostics (one of whom may be a closet atheist - it depends who you ask).

Allow me to direct your attention to the web page of one Black Hat Matt, also known as Matthew McFarland. Matt is a freelance developer for White Wolf who has contributed in one way or another to most of the games they have produced. He's also a totally awesome guy with an absurdly adorable daughter (who eviscerated me at GenCon - long story). Finally, Matt was the dude who gave me my start in rpg writing (which is a weird phrase, since I'm really not much past my start in rpg writing).

Anyway, the website I'm directing you to is a great place with tips for running a variety of White Wolf's fine products and essays by Matt about being a good player and a good Storyteller, and how to transiting from being good to being great.

Matt doesn't have a Matt-the-writer blog, just a livejournal (I should get on him about that...), so you won't be seeing him on my blogroll. However, you should all go check out his website and bookmark it, and visit him often.

Tell him Mark sent you.

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