Thursday, December 4, 2008

Blog Featurage: The Gift that Keeps On Giving

When you're a tiny little blog hoping to be a big, grown up blog one day, every little bit helps. As I've written before, I have Google Analytics set up on my blog, to better track my popularity and keep a handle on which posts are getting attention (so I know which posts you taciturn folks enjoy the most), as well as discover who's linked to me so I can thank them appropriately. Anyway, I've noticed something interesting: I Should Be Writing (which I, again, recommend to everyone and her puppy) keeps on sending people my way, even though Mur Lafferty only linked to me once, weeks ago.

A little internet research has revealed that I get a surge in visitors (some of which probably stick around) every single time Mur Lafferty updates I Should Be Writing! How awesome is that?

In my other life (one of my two other lives), I'm a self-apprenticed internet marketer, so my ability to figure this out is also highly entertaining.

I'll let you all get back to your real lives now, but thanks for sharing this moment of excitement and optimism with me. And if you're here from I Should be Writing, stick around for a real post, which should be appearing around midday.

* * *

Oh, and by the way...

I'm looking to buy a new computer (this is relevant, because it is with my computer that I post to the Burning Zeppelin Experience). In my personal blog, I just posted an entry asking for advice on what machine to buy. If you're of the computer savvy persuasion and would like to enter the fray (by which I mean as of now you can still be the first to comment!) I'll take advice from anyone and everyone.


Ben said...

I'm one of those who followed Mur's link over here. I've listened to her podcast for a while now, but only visited her blog one day when I was bored. I'm glad, because I really enjoy yours.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm glad you did, too, because I'm extremely glad to have you.