Monday, December 15, 2008

It's Cold Up Here - the Burning Zeppelin Flies South

Ok, everyone, time for a brief Burning Zeppelin Update.

I am headed to Costa Rica for vacation this year. The Abigail's huge extended family is holding a huge reunion in warmer climes, and I'm invited! We leave tomorrow night on a red-eye and don't return to San Francsico until Christmas day, which means that Christmas with the Abigail's grandma and Hanukkah with everyone else will be... complicated. More depressingly, this means that Burning Zeppelin posts will be rare, at best, until after Christmas. I'll have internet in Costa Rica, but not in my room, and said internet may well be costly (and I am poor).

More importantly, I've been feeling just a little burned out. Oh, don't worry - posting every weekday has been a huge trip, and I'm not about to stop. However, I think a break would be nice.

So, I am taking off starting after tomorrow's post and lasting until the day after Christmas. If the mood strikes me, I may post sporadically in the next week, but I might not. This is a vacation, after all. Good luck to you all. Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and an otherwise joyous whatever the hell you decide to do while I'm in Costa Rica.


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