Saturday, March 28, 2009

Weekend Bonus Burn I: Delaying Tactics II: Wait A Little Longer

Gentle readers, please forgive me for breaking my twitter-given promise of a post about the brilliant Amber Benson reading at Borderlands Books in San Francisco to promote her new book, Death's Daughter (that's a link to, click here for the official site). However, I have good reasons. It occurred to me that if I wait until tomorrow, I can include the pictures the Abigail took.

Don't think of it as a broken promise - think of it as an investment.

Instead, please enjoy this awesome, free, online graphic novel by Warren Ellis, Freak Angels. Tomorrow's weekend bonus burn will include actual content, I promise.

Plus, a chance to see what myself and the beautiful the Abigail look like (also, Amber Benson, if by some strange chance you don't already know her by sight).


Abby said...

Also, you might be able to link to that guy's professional photos, which are probably WAY better than mine. They're not up yet-- I checked.

Anonymous said...

Also part of my devious plan.