Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Why It Sucks

Bookgasm, a blog of books, for books, and by books (wait a minute...) recently posted this list of the top fifty reasons why no one wants to publish your first book, and you should check it out. Not because it is particularly enlightening - the essay is entirely and intentionally tongue-in-cheek - but because it will make you smile. If we can't laugh at ourselves and our desperate scrabble to get our words in print, what can we laugh at?

Some highlights of the essay include:

  • “ts u hor! i dnt gv dam :< !”
  • “Mommy and Daddy’s door is always locked and your online access is completely blocked! You asked them why and they say, ‘Don’t worry, honey, we’ve just found a fun new way to earn some money!’”
  • “’Oh, Morimoto,’ Chef Batali sighed, ’stuff me like a pepper!’”
  • And most of all: "where are the freaking vampires?"


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