Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Eye of Illusion

This one is part of an experiment I'd like to try: can I write drabbles set in the worlds of stories I've written - or want to write - and have them still make sense? Can I express the relevant parts of an entire setting in a hundred words?

You be the judge.

Anyway, I haven't actually written this story, yet, but someday I'd like to.

The Eye of Illusion
By Mark L.S. Stone

“Do you embrace the sacred sun and her light, and forswear the treacherous moon and his lies?” The witch-hunter asked. One hand held the girl’s wrist, the other the knife. 

“I do.”

The knife drew blood from the center of her palm.

“They’re all the same,” Solis mused.

Solis’s fellow warder shrugged. “They’re used to this.”

“Listen – they’re saying it in almost the same voice.”

A rock extended a left hand towards Solis. The eye in the center of the palm winked. Before Solis could speak, the town disappeared, leaving nothing but a laugh echoing in the empty valley.

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