Saturday, April 28, 2012

What Counts?

It's a conversation it's important to have in every relationship.

What Counts?
By Mark L. S. Stone

“Does it count if I’m drunk?” he asked.

“Of course it counts!” she replied, laughing. Then, she continued. “What if you’re in another state?”

He frowned. “Still counts.”

“Another country?"

“Maybe… only if it’s for a long time.”

“What’s a long time?”

He thought about it. “Six months.”

“What if he’s my fate-ordained foe, and we’re doomed to battle each other again and again in a thousand lifetimes, but we’ve got this weird hate-sex thing going on so that sometimes we screw before one of us dies?”

He blinked.


“Yes, that counts as cheating!”

She chewed her lip. “Damn.”


kindli said...

this reminds me of a conversation I had with one of my Xs.

Mark said...

Did he have a star-crossed foe?

kindli said...

not exactly, but there was the stripper he talked into quitting her job & then brought back to his place...