Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Burning Wednesday Experience: Top 10

This Wednesday, let me direct you to this list of the internet's top ten blogs for writers as chosen by the readers of Michael Stelzner's Writing White Papers blog. Thanks to the Abigail for the heads up.

My personal favorite is Copyblogger, which I read for work (for that amazing copywriting job I want to have). However, some of the others look cool, too, including Men with Pens, Confident Writing, Writing Journey, and Urban Muse. Rest assured that I'll (eventually) (probably) look at them all and add the best of the best to my blogroll, but really you should check it out yourself, Of course, none of them have names as cool as Burning Zeppelin Experience (except maybe Men with Pens), but we shouldn't hold that against them.

The Abigail tells me that she's planning on nominating Burning Zeppelin Experience next year. Somehow I doubt anything will come of it. This blog is firmly in the "genre" category, which means that only weirdos like you read it (don't take offense - how weird do you think I have to be to write the thing?), but the sentiment is nice. Isn't the Abigail a sweetie?


Anonymous said...

Not the coolest name? Hmmm... Hm. Well. Possibly. ;)

Anonymous said...

Ack! Damnit, internet, warn me when you're going to do that to me! Jeez...

Anyway, really I was just being pithy. After all, my tiny genre blog has got to have something over actually successful blogs, right?