Friday, January 23, 2009

Wednesday Wreckage... On Friday!

Anyway, I was going to save this for Wednesdays, when I can never get the time together to make a decent post. However, I spent all day today at a job interview that I'm pretty sure was a scam, so I didn't have time to actually write a proper post.

Anyway, please enjoy this brief Burning Zeppelin Redirect.

* * *

The first is called Query Shark. A lovely human being working at a publishing house has generously volunteered her time to take emailed query letters and show us what's wrong with them. Mercilessly. Beautiful for schadenfreude, but more beautiful if you develop the balls to actually send a query letter.

Did I say you. I'm sorry. I meant me. I. As soon as I finish editing A Knight of the Land, anyway.

The second blog, called The Rejecter, is a little more general and just as useful. The Rejector is the blog of a similar personage, only instead of tearing a part a steady stream of hopeful attempts at successful query-letter-hood, he or she answers questions, offers advice, and generally comments on how to successfuly get your letters past people like her or him (remember, on the internet no one knows you're a dog).



Scattercat said...

Angela showed me those two blogs earlier this year. I've found them both to be very interesting and useful resources.

Anonymous said...

They really are quite nifty. I'll be following them obsessively from here on out.