Sunday, January 4, 2009

Weekend Bonus Burn!

If you, like me, are interested in making fun of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series (and I know you are), read this. You'll thank me when you're through. I think you'll be able to guess what tickles me about this particular mockery very quickly.


Becca said...

As much as Twilight drives me up a wall (and it really, really does), for the sake of argument, should you read it before you spend so much time bashing it?

(Granted, I admire the bashing. I guess call me the devil's advocate on this one? Does that make sense? I'm tired. Anyway, I'm the same way about the Eragon books, so I suppose I'm being hypocritical).

Regardless, that link was hilarious. Thank you for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I think for some books, you need to give them a chance. I've heard a lot of people bash the Chronicles of Thomas Covenant, the Unbeliever without reading them, for example, but since I've read them, I can stand up for there being more to them.

Even people who criticize those books usually do so on valid points: the main character is difficult to like, the setting is sometimes saccharine, with silly names, Donaldson can't write women, etc. However, I'd say "read the book anyway, it has some redeeming characteristics."

So far, no one has told me anything about the Twilight series that constitutes a redeeming characteristic. I've got limited time. I'm not going to read something nobody can tell me is good just so I can criticize it, and neither will I hold of criticizing something so obviously bad.

It's a paradox.

Anyway, if anyone were to make an even slightly coherent argument for the books having some redeeming characteristics, I might read them. As it stands, I might read the first, if I didn't have to pay for it.