Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day Five

At 0700 hours, the containment field suddenly vanished. Exactly three seconds later, the Biosilicate Nexus began to change. The number of faces increased every 17 to 19 seconds. By the time the containment was reestablished, the object had grown numerous additional sides, growing from a four-sided pyramid to an octahedron.

However, containment quickly proved ineffective. Fifteen minutes later the BSN changed again, becoming a ten-sided shape. The object continued to grow erratically throughout the day. By 1534:05, the object had 117 sides. At this point, the BSN began to rotate slowly within its containment field.

At 1534:05, the object lost a facet, going from 117 to 116 sides. At this point, spectral analysis indicated force buildup in the BSN. At 1537:54 the BSN lost another side, and analysis indicated that the rate of energt accrual inside the object was increasing exponentially. According to Lt. Tunsal's projection, we would be facing critical containment loss within six hours [see attached file].

With no other options available to me, I determined that it was time to speak to Subject Alpha.

Subject Alpha was evasive, as usual, but I eventually prevailed upon him that when we reported the change in the Biosilicate Nexus's change, the entire compound would be destroyed. Alpha was unconcerned about his destruction, but the thought of damage to the object disturbed him greatly. He became more tractable and agreed to halt what he called the "countdown."

He also noted "next time, captain, you're on your own." [See attached transcript]

When I returned to the containment unit, I discovered that the Biosilicate Nexus had stopped transforming, but remained in its current configuration - 108 sides - and continued to show signs of multidimensional energy buildup [See attached reports].

I repeat my recommendation that this project be abandoned. The Biosilicate Nexus - whatever it is - is too dangerous for us to continue our experiments. The object and Subject Alpha should both be liquidated and the project continued a total loss.

Until I recieve orders to that effect, however, our research will continue.

* * *

Happy Rabbit Hole Day, everyone.


Scattercat said...

I see what you did there!

Anonymous said...

I've got to admit, I'm not too proud of this one. It's ok... but not my best. Not by a long shot.

*sigh* That's life.