Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Burning Update Experience III: the Evocative Noun

I know it hasn't been that long since my last update - my current thought is that "my writing status" updates will be limited to about once a month or so unless something terribly interesting happens - but matters here are picking up, and I want to keep my faithful followers informed.

First of all, I have entered a new stage in my White Wolf contract - the "oh my God I have twelve days to write twelve thousand words!" stage - and I have wisely set everything else aside in order to pursue that goal. In doing so, I have discovered that it really isn't nearly as difficult as I feared it would be. I suppose all that practice back in October and the experience of NaNoWriMo taught me something after all. Really, more than anything else, it's frustrating. I have short stories I want to finish, two novels to get back to, and a super secret project that was really making me very happy.

Ah, well. White Wolf pays the bills. Actually, White Wolf doesn't pay the bills, but they pay money. Actually, they pay very little money. Mostly, working for White Wolf feeds my ego, and I have the impression that building a reputation with a large publishing company and getting my name in print is never a bad idea.

So, in the end, I can say that I have kept busy since the last update. I've said yes to projects that interested me, gotten a second White Wolf contract and done well (so far) at carrying it out. This has all involved a lot of writing, which I have actually been doing. This as opposed tojust talking about how much writing I want to be doing.

Friday the 13th is when my first draft is due (eek, I know). My final draft will be due a month later. Although I'm sure my redlines will be extensive and I'll be over wordcount - which means I'll have a lot to do between my first draft and my final - I'm looking forward to having a little time to work on my own projects.

And you can look forward to tomorrow's post.

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