Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I'm a Bad Person

I broke one of the first laws of being a good blogger, and that's give credit where credit is due and link like a motherfucker. Link link link link link. It's all about the linkage. There are words for people who don't link, and they are worse than "motherfucker." Words so bad I can't even type them. My hands shake too badly.

Powerful words.

Anyway, in my last post, I attributed an idea to "a reader," but that's wrong. The idea didn't just come from "a reader," it came from a dude named Mike who lives in London, Ontario, Canada and writes a blog called Phronk. I couldn't really tell you what Phronk is about, but I've been following it since I first stumbled across Mike in a commont on the I Should Be Writing blog. I'm not going to put Phronk in blogroll, but it's not a matter of quality. Phronk just isn't about the sort of things I do here on the Burning Zeppelin Experience - it's got more of a personal reflections on the geek world feel, and I'm going for writing, roleplaying, and the challenges encountered therein - but I read it.

And so should you.

1 comment:

Phronk said...

Haha thanks for the blog love! I saw your address pop up in my little hit counter, so it brought me back. Yay linkage!

You have redeemed yourself, and I am no longer thinking those unspeakable, powerful words. :)