Tuesday, February 10, 2009


In my last post I explored the possibility of a new obnoxious trope, the Ambiguously Powerful Patriarch. However, I should fess up and admit that one of my readers has already either poked a hole in my theory with the discovery of the Ambiguously Powerful Matriarch. Specifically, Bionic Arm Lady, the CEO of a company called Massive Dynamics, from Fox's Fringe.

Now, I haven't seen Fringe, so I can't speak to the report's authenticity, but now I want to. I'll have to talk to the Abigail about downloading watching the show in a perfectly legal manner.

* * *

What would happen, do you think, if the Ambiguously Powerful Matriarch and the Ambiguously Powerful Patriarch had an affair? I mean, they couldn't get married to each other - they are both already hitched to meek or rebellious spouses - but how about it? Do you think the sex would be hot? What would their love child be like?

I imagine that it would be pretty intimidating, growing up with such huge personalities for parents.

At the same time, this poor sap clearly has the biological potential - to whatever extent such things exist - to be equally huge, ambitious, and ruthless. Will he use that power for good... or for evil?

For that matter, what would it be like for him growing up? Would the Ambiguously Powerful Matriarch keep his true father a secret, leaving him with the Ambiguously Powerful Matriarch's meek and obedient husband as his sole role model? Would he know about Ambiguously Powerful Patriarch at all?

Wow, the possibilities are endless. What would the relationship be between this hapless schmuck and his adopted father? How would he react when he inevitably discovers that the Ambiguously Powerful Patriarch is his real father? What kind of relationship might he develop with the Ambiguously Powerful Patriarch's meek or rebellious spouse (probably meek, since we already have a firm opposition set up between the two Ambiguously Powerful types)?

I can't imagine he doesn't. In a world where the Ambiguously Powerful Patriarch and the Ambiguously Powerful Matriarch lived side by side, could they be anything but bitter enemies? Rivals for the same cosmic power and material authority? Rivals who grudgingly respect each other, and in that respect are the seeds of one night of hot, hot passion...

Anyway, I think I've got a story idea coming on. Of course, it needs a motif. Hell, it needs characters, a plot, and a reason for me to sit down and write the damned thing in the first place. But it's got a start, and I'm amused.

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Phronk said...

Wow, lots of potential for stories and characters here.

You mentioned Heroes in your last post. Maybe Peter and Nathan are a test case in what the children of Ambiguously/Arbitrarily Powerful Parents are like, with [SPOILER FOR THE LAST FEW EPISODES] one kid going the good/tormented way and the other the evil/selfish way.