Friday, February 27, 2009

A Kindred Spirit

Remember how I said there would be no Friday post? Clearly, I was mistaken. Thanks to the wonder of autoposting, I am blogging from the past, to you in the future. Today's post was written on Thursday, but you all will see it on Friday, while I am otherwise occupied.

I was surfing the blogosphere when I came across this incomprehensibly foreign (Chinese? Japanese? The writing looks like some Asian language, but I have no idea which) (also, WARNING: NOT ALWAYS SAFE FOR WORK) blog, where I found this image:

I can feel for this guy, I really can. It sucks to be unemployed. This poor dude has it even worse than I, which leads me to count my blessings: I'm able-bodied, with a nice apartment and a beautiful girlfriend, I'm not alone, and I can find ways to be paid for my passions. All this is more than can be said for this guy.

This post is a creative prompt, not a bitch session. So, you know the drill. I want to hear about games, characters, setting, stories, and anything else this image inspires in you. Some thoughts to consider:

  • What happened to this poor guy to put him in this pitiful situation?
  • Was processing data always his purpose, or is that all he thinks he's good for thanks to his injuries.
  • I'm not only interested in his past; I also want to hear about this robot's future. What happens next? Does he find a job processing data for energy? Is he ever repaired?

Robots are up there with paladins, vampires, ghosts, and tarot cards, a theme I find compelling, and like werewolves, they deserve a post of their own one day, and will get one. In the meantime, I'm interested to see what you all come up with.

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Becca said...

The site this comes from is Japanese. I happened to look at this from home, but next time could you put in a work-unsafe warning? There are some more adult-ish images there.

My brain is too much turned off at the moment to think of how, but he'll get back to work and have energy. It would be too sad if that wasn't the case!!!!