Thursday, February 5, 2009

Thursday Bonus Burn: I Do So Have Standards!

In recompense for today's first wimpy post, allow me to post... a second wimpy post. Together, their might will rival that of a full post.

No, seriously, this post is awesome.

I was listening to Theory From the Closet Episode 20, where Clyde just sat outside the dealer's room talking to any and all comers. He had some fun conversations, but the episode got me thinking.

What happens when I next go to a con? GenCon probably isn't in the cards, but that there are plenty of local California conventions that I could - and will - easily attend. How can I, without buying a booth, make it easy for current and potential future readers of the Burning Zeppelin Experience to find me?

That was when it occured to me. It started as a balloon and rapidly evolved into the Burning Zeppelin Standard.

I will make a pillow shaped like a zeppelin out of silvery cloth, with details in fabric paint. I will make cloth flames (affixed in position by pipe cleaners). I will craft it such that it can be easily placed atop a pole. And when I go to a con, I will walk around with this abomination against God and Man. When I need to fly to a convention - such as when I am next able to go to GenCon - I will pack the pillow in my suitcase and - this is the best part - buy a new pole at the con! And when people see me with my burning-zeppelin-on-a-pole, they will walk up to me, and they will either say:

"You must be he, Mark Simmons, author of the Burning Zeppelin Experience and co-author of several White Wolf books, I have wanted to talk to you!" or alternately "what the hell is that thing and what on earth is wrong with you?"

I will reply "this is the burning zeppelin, and I am the author of the Burning Zeppelin Experience; would you like my card?"

I am clearly brilliant. You should all just give up and send me your money now.

* * *

Incidentally, I didn't get the job. Oh, well. There's always next time.

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Scattercat said...

So should I smash a mirror, then?